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If you are interested in the early history of our church and congregation then please take a look at A 50 Years' Retrospect. This is a fascinating account of the first 50 years of our church beginning with the 'Disruption' in 1843. At 28 pages long you'll need to grab a coffee first!

During 1989-1990, major restoration work was carried out on the South Church building. A pamphlet was subsequently produced which describes this work and also the building's architecture. Take a look at Pilkington's Architectural Masterpiece to find out more.

In 1993 the South Church had its 150th anniversary. Various memorabilia were produced at this time which included tea towels, mugs and scaled pottery models of the South Church building. In addition, Mary Darling (a South Church elder) wrote an account of the early days of the South Church which can be found here. More history on the South Church may be found at

Early Photos

Free Church (with spire) in West StreetFree Church (with spire) in West StreetBuilders at South Church in 1862Builders at South Church in 1862South Church Outing at Brunstane Castle (Rev S R Crockett 3rd from left)South Church Outing at Brunstane Castle (Rev S R Crockett 3rd from left)Free church manse (under construction) in Bog Road in 1896Free church manse (under construction) in Bog Road in 1896South Church choirSouth Church choir


Rev Andrew McKenzie 1843-1853Rev Andrew McKenzie 1843-1853Rev Hugh A Stewart 1854-1886Rev Hugh A Stewart 1854-1886Rev Samuel R Crockett 1886-1895Rev Samuel R Crockett 1886-1895Rev Robert Jack 1895-1940Rev Robert Jack 1895-1940Rev Ian W M Taylor 1940-1946Rev Ian W M Taylor 1940-1946Rev Millar Graham (temp)Rev Millar Graham (temp)Rev Andrew Stewart 1946-1953Rev Andrew Stewart 1946-1953Rev John Laing 1954-1961Rev John Laing 1954-1961 Rev Evans (temp)Rev Evans (temp)Rev John Spencer 1962-1966Rev John Spencer 1962-1966Rev Gladstone Millar (temp)Rev Gladstone Millar (temp)Rev Hugh Sawers 1968-1973Rev Hugh Sawers 1968-1973Rev Ronald Sewell 1973-1985Rev Ronald Sewell 1973-1985Rev Frank Ribbons 1985-2005Rev Frank Ribbons 1985-2005

Office Bearers


1897 to 1975 - Statistical Returns


1926 - Kirk Session Minutes (extracted from volume 3)

1943 - Centenary Programme

1953 - Annual Report